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Support multiple templates
in minutes.

always support.

Nextra automatically converts Markdown links and images to use Next.js Link (opens in a new tab) and Next.js Image (opens in a new tab) when possible. No slow navigation or layout shift.

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<Link .../>
<Image .../>

Advanced syntax
highlighting solution.

Performant and reliable build-time syntax highlighting powered by Shiki (opens in a new tab).

I18n as easy as
creating new files.

Name your page files with locales suffixed, Nextra and Next.js will do the rest for you.


MDX 2 lets you use Components inside Markdown,
with huge performance boost since v1.


Full-text search,
zero-config needed.

Nextra indexes your content automatically at build-time and performs incredibly fast full-text search via FlexSearch (opens in a new tab).

Hybrid rendering,
next generation.

You can leverage the hybrid rendering power from Next.js with your Markdown content including SSG (opens in a new tab), SSR (opens in a new tab), and ISR (opens in a new tab).

And more...

SEO / RTL Layout / Pluggable Themes / Built-in Components / Last Git Edit Time / Multi-Docs...
A lot of new possibilities to be explored.

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